May 21st, 2015

What’s up with the PLA?

By: David Bandurski    Source: China Media Project       Date: 21/5/2015

A bit of context can sometimes cast away the monsters and calm one’s pounding heart. Business Insider wrote yesterday that a “chilling memo” had been released by the People’s Liberation Army, informing everyone that, “at least on the internet, China is at war.”

Before you hide under your bed, here is the context.

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Xi’s ‘Little Red App’ and the face of contemporary propaganda


A contemporary oil painting of Xi Jinping surrounded by students at Beijing University. The image was released on the Ministry of Defence’s website in January, 2015.

There have been many articles written recently on what has been described as Xi Jinping’s ‘Cult of Personality’. In this post I would like to examine how this ‘cult’ is being manifested visually, the role of ‘image management’ in constructing Xi’s personal brand and the resultant intensification in propaganda and diversification of media- particularly digital media and new communications technologies that are being harnessed in this process.

In many ways, Xi has been described as the model of a modern multimedia leader. Over the last two years, he has made numerous appearances across a broad spectrum of digital platforms. His image has been rendered in cartoon form, visual tributes in the more traditional medium of oil painting have been plastered across government websites, songs have been written (and parodied) in his honour, there is a dedicated weibo account that provides daily updates on his activities and his writings have now been translated into at least nine languages. A recently released app combining many of these features is now available for download via the iTunes store (more about this later in the post). Clearly the importance of Xi’s image and the prominence of digital platforms in disseminating it cannot be underestimated, prompting an examination of why Xi’s leadership has chosen to prioritise visual media on a scale previously unprecedented in recent government history. Continue reading

May 5th, 2015

互联网监管的三个“十条”有何意味?/ What’s the meaning of the three internet regulation’s ‘ten articles’?

By: 李丹丹 Li Dandan      Source: 新京报网/The Beijing News     Editor: 戴玉玺 Dai Yuxi



去年2月27日,中央网络安全和信息化领导小组召开的第一次会议上,组长习近平表示,要抓紧制定立法规划,完善互联网信息内容管理、关键信息基础设施保护等法律法规,依法治理网络空间,维护公民合法权益。“没有网络安全就没有国家安全,没有信息化就没有现代化”。 Continue reading

May 4th, 2015

国家互联网信息办公室副主任任贤良对办好研究会提出四点希望/ Deputy Director of the National Internet Information Office Ren Xianliang proposes four ‘hopes’ for internet research

Source: 新华网 Xinhua News             4/5/2015


2015年4月29日,中国文化网络传播研究会成立大会在北京中国人民大学国学馆隆重举行。图为国家互联网信息办公室副主任任贤良致辞。新华网 郭小天 摄

Transcript of a speech delivered by Ren Xianliang (Deputy Director of the National Internet Information Office) on the 29th April, 2015 at the inaugural meeting of the ‘Chinese Cultural Network Communications Research Forum’ held at Renmin University’s National Studies department in Beijing.


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