January 24th, 2016

Women’s Mobile Apps Gain Momentum in China’s Digital Society

Editor: Eileen Chang       Source: Women of China        Date: 20/1/2016



List of popular apps released by Tencent (The Beijing News)

Mobile phone apps dedicated to women have been gaining increasing momentum in China, changing the makeup of the market once dominated by software for men.

The Tencent App Store, one of China’s biggest mobile download sites, released a list of its top programs of 2015 on January 17. Among the 23 titles, women’s apps take a share of four.

What’s more, the top trending apps for shopping, socializing, photo and video have all proved to be most popular among female users.

One example is the shopping app Red (“Xiaohongshu”). It has helped Chinese women buy items overseas—getting them in on the Black Friday sales event, a tradition previously only practiced in the West. Since its launch in early 2014, Red has enjoyed a growth of over 2,000 percent.

The Instagram-like photo stream IN is also another app well-thumbed by many Chinese women, combining image sharing with social networking, and uniting people of similar tastes.

Shopping app HIGO, or “Meilishuo,” has attracted around 100 million users over the past year, centered around beauty, fashion and personal recommendations.

Meanwhile, Beauty Camera, a photo-enhancing app for selfie lovers, has “played a big role in making Chinese women more confident and at ease when taking photos,” says Tencent. The software has risen to the top of the store’s “tools” category.

Statistics released by the Internet Society of China shows that mobile internet users totaled 902 million as of November 2015. Apps have increasingly diversified and become specialized for sub-groups.

Unsurprisingly, Chinese women have become major players in the mobile apps ecosystem, displaying a seemingly unstoppable appetite for beauty, fashion and better quality of life.

(Source: The Beijing News, soft.zol.com.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)