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The aim of The Mediated Image is to serve as an online visual database providing insight into China’s internet culture and the defining role that image making is coming to assume within this sphere. Examining how artists are increasingly using digital media to disseminate their work to new audiences, the mediated images that appear on this website demonstrate the complexity of artistic structures within contemporary China, showing the fluidity of the opposition between the ‘official’ and the ‘unofficial’ and questioning the notion of a self-censoring, often unitary state media. Revealing instead the existence of a creative, humorous, but also socially and politically critical “China online,” which frequently locates itself outside of the intellectual discourse surrounding state censorship and contemporary art, this website explores aspects of visual culture at the forefront of modern and contemporary encounters between China and the wider world.

All material on this site is licensed under Creative Commons, allowing for free use for all non-commercial purposes, on the condition of source attribution.

About me — Ros Holmes

I am a Junior Research Fellow in art history at Christ Church, University of Oxford. My current research focuses on visual culture and contemporary art within China, with a particular emphasis on its interaction with the internet. I hold undergraduate and masters degrees in Chinese studies and art history (SOAS, 2006 and University of Oxford, 2010) and a doctorate in history of art from the University of Oxford.  My doctoral dissertation examined how the discourse of wenming (civilisation/civility) has been visualised in twentieth century art in China with a particular emphasis on contemporary practice. Originally linked to concepts of modernity and change in the early twentieth century, I argued that wenming continues to be of crucial importance in understanding how contemporary China wishes to be seen by the rest of the world. My doctoral research was made possible by a generous grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Prior to commencing my graduate studies I worked in Beijing as the programme manager of a contemporary art space and as the assistant curator for education at the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA).

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